Collective exhibition, from 10th December 2019 till 11th January 2020, Berlin


China BOOM!!

Han Bing, Ma Yongfeng and Zhu Ye

Opening reception 12th December 2019 and Finissage 11th January 2020, with a performance from artist Lan Hungh


In collaboration with

Mareschstr. 4, 12055 Berlin

LiTE_HAUS and Pantocrator Gallery join forces to present China Boom!! An exhibition that will blow up your mind!

An exciting project that aims to bring the spirit of these brave Chinese renowned artists dedicated to Social Praxis of Art and environment, who raise their voices for a better world.


Artists Zhu Ye (Shanghai),  Han Bing (Beijing) and Ma Yongfeng (Shanxi). Born in the 70´s they all have followed different career paths with one thing in common, they are all activists who work around issues of our time like the environment and society.


Taiwanese artist Lan Hungh (Taipei) will join exhibition opening and closing day with his performance "Seven Shanzhai Pieces". “Shanzhai” refers to Chinese imitation and pirated brands and goods, particularly electronics.

For this project, Lan Hungh chooses 7 performances, as Marina Abramovic did, but only in search of inspiration: instead of intending to keep the history straight, Lan takes these historical pieces as his “found objects” and reproduces his own experience of them. The work poses questions about the possibility of “copying” performance art and ironically reflects about the copyright of some pieces that where conceived against the market and against any idea of ownership.



Zhu Ye

Her large canvases capture a virtuosity deeply rooted in an ancient culture; while her subtle Western influences allows for a universal artistic reading of her work.

Prolific artist who established herself with her "Blue" stage; Large and very organic canvases that evoke clean polar landscapes that radiate peace and spirituality. With this series she was selected at the Bienalle di Venezia’17.

Currently and after passing through an abstract and dark expressionism, she has made a colorful series on paper.

Zhu Ye develops a harmonious aesthetic using elaborate mixed media:organic materials, acrylic and pure pigments mixed with traditional Chinese ink, which results in an accumulation of stains, layers and transparencies that despite the apparent final abstraction, transport the viewer to crisp landscapes, mystical and comforting. Her brushwork revolves around blue as the base color, on top of which the use of ink highlights the subtle tones of the artist’s work, thus emphasizing the overall drama of her pieces.


Han Bing

Photographer and performance artist, he has developed an important work around the social-political history of the 20th-century in China, especially with the problem of gentrification and environment.

Exploring the struggles and desires of ordinary people in China’s “theater of modernization”, his

works invert quotidian practice, reinvent everyday objects and ask us to rethink the order of things. Han Bing’s works are dedicated to Social Praxis of Art.

He uses socialist iconography around Mao's red book, to represent a new issue

He carries out a program of very aggressive and extreme performances in first person, in which he appears as a victim of the consequences of the extreme pollution of rivers and gender identity.

His performance "walking the cabbage" has gone around the world showing the seriousness of the environmental problem globally.


Ma Yongfeng

He initially worked with video and photography but later on he redirected his career into creating installations and artistic practices directly related to society as exhibitions, guerrilla interventions, social networks or implementation of street policies

Ma introduces new concepts and methods applying them to his own social practices.

He suggests to us to slow down and step aside from the speed and brutality of the outside world and stand still and listen carefully. He invites us to re-invent our inner landscapes and cultivate the potential for change until the right occasion, like the half-head of the Buddha, will emerge from the border…”

He has exhibited widely across Europe, the United States and China.

He is also a curator who works for significant museums and institutions around the world.


Lan Hungh

Taiwanese artist who will perform at the opening and closing of the exhibition

LAN Hungh is a mix-media artist who works with performance, video, music and installation, through which he demonstrates a passion for psychology and body works, often subjected to definition changes by language and structures based actions. In the process of research and development, Hungh often involve himself in architecture and environmental context, and his works show a commitment to an erotism and body-politic in conceptualizing of art.