Pantocrator Art Gallery and the Joan Barbara's engraving workshop are producing a several series of works with the selected artists from the gallery.

joan barbara

A new line of artists curated by Pantocrator have the possibility to produce a serie of paper engraving works with the most known engraving workshop in Spain, Joan Barbará's Workshop. Living the experience of work in a place where famous artists like Picasso, Miró and Dalí made engravings too, not only for the historical meaning that is involve in the place where all those pioneers of the contemporary art were developed, but also because the workshop is still managed by Mr. Joan Barbará and family. The Pantocrator Art Gallery's initiative encourage the artists, to have a connection with the traditional feeling of the cities to share a creative experience and produce a cultural effect in the contemporary urban soul creating social synergy creators and society.

NICK GENTRYnick gentry2010 / Engraving and metal papel // Signed 1/20. Price: 300 € / For buy this piece mail to:


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