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"Through the looking-glass" 愛麗絲鏡中奇遇


Collective exhibition 


Opening Reception
Saturday, March 21, 6pm to 9pm
From March 16 to April 3, 2015

2015年03月21日 ,星期六, 6点到9点


Anne Wölk

Today, the contemporary picture is an intermediate stop between various sign processes in which it lets itself be conveyed and from the conveyance of which it comes: a relay between states of signs and designation procedures. It exists as an ephemeral moment between processes of transformation: as something that is not only conveyed, but which comes from the conveyance and is that which is conveyed. The picture has become the cache and the clipboard; it brings forth as enduring that which otherwise often disappears in production.


Anastasia Coyto (Spain)
Anne Wölk (Germany)
Enda O'Donoghue (Ireland)
Pablo Lerma (Spain)
Roland Darjes (Germany)
Stephanie Ballantine (UK)




Saskia Ketz

"Anybodies home"

Residence artist from 15th March to 10th April 2015.


Solo Exhibition 個展

From 03 to 10 April, 2015

Opening Reception 闭幕酒会

Saturday, April 4th, 6pm to 9pm
2014年4月4日 ,星期六,6点到9点




How much light does a latent picture need? How much light does a photography need for leaving prints? When does a photography leaves impressions? Can a picture be a document? This work is considering with these questions and explores the subjectivity of the media photography under the theme of light and the limits of photography.

Narrative photographs in which light becomes a protagonist show the dublication of content and also the basis for the media. Light is visible and without light the photography would be invisible. Is light the essence of photography?

If light is elementary, can a photo work as a document? If light is an aesthetic phenomenon which is based on perception, will there be objective pictures?



Application for residence 2014-2015 open