Pan Stage Summer 2014


Collective exhibition 

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 23rd, 6pm to 9pm
2014年8月23日 6点至9点

Exhibition: from 23 to 31 August
8月23日 至 8月31日

Resident artists July:

-Qin Tan (USA)
-Sanjay Ramachandran (India)

Resident artists August:

-Lorraine Heller-Nicholas (Australia)
-Jeff Musser (USA)
-Ilaria Villagrassa (Italy) 


Qin Tan (USA)

pantocrator gallery


Qin Tan is a multimedia artist residing in Maryland, USA. She studies in the Maryland Institute College of art with a major of General Fine Art. Her artwork have been showcased in Italy, USA and Shanghai. 

Sanjay Ramachandran (India)

pantocrator gallery


Sanjay Ramachandran is a self taught illustrator and Creative Producer with over 10 years of experience in Television. He is a Film and Television major from Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune , India. 



Lorraine Heller-Nicholas (Australia)

pantocrator gallery


Lorraine Heller-Nicholas often work with video and photography to create something new. As demonstrated by her past use of animation, drawing, printmaking, traditional handicrafts, photography and digital imaging, her work is dominated by a spirit of juxtaposition.


Jeff Musser (USA)

pantocrator gallery


Jeff Musser use canvas as a second skin, He attempt to create a world where the ugliness of his life is contained and expunged, giving his mentality artistic form, making it concrete. The tattoos became a proxy, in this case, a surrogate for the real skin and the real stories he embody underneath them mixed with birds such as sparrows, finches, humming birds and plants such as milk thistle, trumpet vines, roses and bearded irises that are symbols of freedom and happiness from his childhood in Northern California.


Ilaria Villagrassa (Italy)

pantocrator gallery

Ilaria Villagrassa use glazing and mixed techniques. The outcome is intentionally not naturalistic and the mimesis is replaced by transfigured shapes, in order to reach the perfect balance between the material and the spiritual components.
Her art is a search on the free expression, a quest to voice emotions and deep feelings, an invitation to the viewer to dive into a world of dream and unconsciousness.


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