Roland Darjes - "Layers of Urbanity"



Solo Exhibition 個展

From 25 to 31 October, 2014

Opening Reception闭幕酒会
Saturday, October 25, 6pm
2014年10月25日 ,星期六,6点


Roland Darjes 1

Roland Darjes is a German artist based in Shanghai. Since his arrival 7 years ago he works with light sculptures integrating overwhelming impressions of Shanghai's urban landscape into his art works. Always on the quest for new techniques and materials he – as a foreigner – uses various layers in his light boxes and installations to illustrate different dimensions of China's contemporary Society and material needs. Also being a photographer he is constantly on the lookout for critical motifs reflecting the struggle of the individual in China's modern anonymous cities.



Soo Hong (Korea)

Resident artist October - November 2014


Solo Exhibition 個展

From 15 to 23 November, 2014

Opening Reception 闭幕酒会

Saturday, November 15th, 6pm to 9pm
2014年11月22日 ,星期六,6点到9点


Soo Hong


Soo Hong works starts with photos which she collect – mostly of human forms, in various poses and frames, but sometimes also of objects which evoke emotion in her. One artwork will generally be based on several of these – images that she sense have a connection linking them together. She have lived in many different places and experienced diverse cultures, She is very aware of the importance of visual connections and of communicating through art. Soo Hong start with charcoal, which gives a unique texture that she love, and then paint in colors that reflect the energy that I feel existing between the figures. The result is dreamlike, yet rooted in reality.
It is so easy in adult life to become desensitized to your own emotions, distanced from what you feel. It is her hope that art helps viewers to reconnect with this fundamental part of themselves.



Application for residence 2014-2015 open