Zhu Ye 朱曄

"The Waves"

Solo Exhibition 個展


From February 23 to March 15, 2015

Opening Reception 閉幕酒會
Monday, February 23, 4pm to 7pm
2015年2月23日 , 星期一,4点到7点


Zhu Ye Waves


Pantocrator Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the great Shanghainese artist Zhu Ye / Juliet.
Zhu Ye advanced her knowledge and appreciation of Western culture when she studied art in England. She currently lives and works in Shanghai, but travels regularly to Europe where her work is positively received.
Her large canvases capture a virtuosity deeply rooted in an ancient culture; while her subtle Western influences allows for a universal artistic reading of her work.
Zhu Ye develops a harmonious aesthetic using elaborate mixed media: organic materials, acrylic and pure pigments mixed with traditional Chinese ink, which results in an accumulation of stains, layers and transparencies that despite the apparent final abstraction, transport the viewer to crisp landscapes, mystical and comforting.
Her brushwork revolves around blue as the base color, on top of which the use of ink highlights the subtle tones of the artist’s work, thus emphasizing the overall drama of her pieces.


Pantocrator  画廊欣然展出伟大的上海艺术家 朱晔/ Juliet的个人展览

朱晔在英国学习艺术时,加强了对深厚的西方文化的知识了解与欣赏。她目前在上海工作和生活, 不过她会经常去欧洲, 在那里她的作品得到许多正面的回应。


例如:有机材料,丙烯酸和纯颜料,其中夹杂着传统中国水墨,导致了着色的堆积层和透明透明性,可是最终的抽象展示, 描绘给观画者清新风景,

她的作品围绕着蓝色, 利用蓝色作为基调色,顶部使用油墨作为加强她作品的微妙的色调,由此强调整幅作品的戏剧性。


Zhu Ye, born 1977 Shanghai.  After graduating from Shanghai University, the College of Fine Art, Zhu Ye continued her MA studies in Kent Institute of Art & Design, England. From 2005 to 2010 she was lecturer at Shanghai Arts and Crafts Vocational College. Currently Zhu Ye is a professional artist who having her studio at M50 Shanghai. Her artworks been exhibited in China and Europe and due her very individualistic style of painting she has been appreciated by local and foreign art collectors.

朱晔,女,1977年出生于上海。2000年本科毕业于上海大学美术学院中国画系。2002年硕士毕业于英 国肯特艺术与设计学院艺术系。2004年至2010年七月任教于上海工艺美术职业学院, 现为职业艺术家, 在莫干山路50号艺术创意园区内的工作室进行艺术创作。她的作品曾在中国和欧洲展出, 并被国内外的收藏家所收藏.



"Sunland" at EBPC


From 1st October 2014 to 30th June 2015


Sunland at EBPC


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The exhibition will be available to visit at: 1416 Yangshupu Road. 200090 Shanghai (China).



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