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Saskia Ketz

"Anybodies home" 任何人的家

Residence artist from 15th March to 10th April 2015.


Solo Exhibition 個展

From 03 to 30 April, 2015

Opening Reception 闭幕酒会

Saturday, April 4th, 6pm to 9pm
2014年4月4日 ,星期六,6点到9点




In addition to being the most populous continent in the world, Asia is becoming increasingly urbanised. In the evenings, after work most people are at home. Housing space is known as an area of retreat in which people meet, live and get to know safety and coherence. The photographic artworks analyse Asian metropolises and their living quarters in terms of anonymity, isolation juxtaposed to their function as communal and warm spaces.

The places that have been photographed in Thailand and China are often devoid of people but people's way of living is still at the centre of this sociological survey. The viewer is always at a distance that is supported by the structure of the photographs. All photos are taken in the dark even though the use of light brings forward a number of questions:

How much light does a latent picture need? How much light does a photograph need in order to leave prints? When does a photograph leave impressions? Can a picture be a document? This work considers these questions and explores the subjectivity of media photography under the theme of light and the limits of photography. Narrative photographs in which light becomes a protagonist show the duplication of content and also the basis for the media. Light is visible and without light photography would be unfeasible. Is light the essence of photography?



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