Sanjay Alla Prima



Soo Hong (Korea)

Resident artist November 2014


"Opaque Reflections" 窗花

Solo Exhibition 個展

From November 22 to 30, 2014

Opening Reception闭幕酒会
Saturday, November 22, 6pm to 9pm
2014年9月20日 ,星期,6点到9点

Live Dance Performance 现场舞蹈表演
6pm & 8.30 pm
6点 & 8点半


Soo Hong


Soo Kyung Hong is a South Korean artist currently living in Shanghai. With her exhibition "Opaque Reflections", she invites the visitor to dive into her impressions of the megacity. Preserved in mixed media 'snapshots' on paper as well as acrylic paintings on canvas, the works explore the unique struggle and beauty in chaos of life between Chinese economy and culture. Like a look through a window the pieces expose the hidden interaction between Soo's cultural background and her experiences in Shanghai, especially her observations on music and dance. During the exhibition opening life music and dances will bring her work life and give us an idea of her personal 窗花, "look through the window".

Her works starts with photos which she collect. One artwork will generally be based on several of these – images that she sense have a connection linking them together. She have lived in many different places and experienced diverse cultures, She is very aware of the importance of visual connections and of communicating through art. Soo Hong start with charcoal, which gives a unique texture that she love, and then paint in colors that reflect the energy that I feel existing between the figures. The result is dreamlike, yet rooted in reality.
It is so easy in adult life to become desensitized to your own emotions, distanced from what you feel. It is her hope that art helps viewers to reconnect with this fundamental part of themselves.




Roland Darjes (Germany)

"Layers of Urbanity" 城市规划的层次

Solo Exhibition 個展


From 25 to 31 October, 2014

Opening Reception闭幕酒会
Saturday, October 25, 6pm
2014年10月25日 ,星期六,6点

Roland Darjes


Roland Darjes is a German artist based in Shanghai. Since his arrival 7 years ago he works with light sculptures integrating overwhelming impressions of Shanghai's urban landscape into his art works. Always on the quest for new techniques and materials he – as a foreigner – uses various layers in his light boxes and installations to illustrate different dimensions of China's contemporary Society and material needs. Also being a photographer he is constantly on the lookout for critical motifs reflecting the struggle of the individual in China's modern anonymous cities.






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Byron Huang-Dean (Australia)

Resident artist September 2014


"Fenced" 围墙


Solo Exhibition 個展

From 20 to 30 September, 2014

Opening Reception 闭幕酒会

Saturday, September 20th, 6pm to 9pm
2014年9月20日 ,星期六,6点到9点

Artist talk and listening event 艺术家的谈话和聆听活动
Tuesday, September 30th, 5pm
2014年9月30日 , 周二 ,5点



Byron Huang-Dean is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Primarily working with sound, Byron Huang-Dean creates installation works, site-specific interventions, performances and compositions. He is interested in examining the experience of sound in contemporary urban and natural environments, using field recordings to map and reimagine places. He situates his practice between the fields of Psychogeography, Acoustic Ecology and expanded documentary practice. His works aim to immerse the listener within the everyday textures and rhythms that go unnoticed in sonic environments, fluctuating between abstraction and clearly narrative sequences of sound.



17-21 September, 2014

Berliner Liste 2014

Booth PS 1.06





Pan Stage Summer 2014


Collective exhibition 

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 23rd, 6pm to 9pm
2014年8月23日 6点至9点

Exhibition: from 23 to 31 August
8月23日 至 8月31日

Resident artists July:

-Qin Tan (USA)
-Sanjay Ramachandran (India)

Resident artists August:

-Lorraine Heller-Nicholas (Australia)
-Jeff Musser (USA)
-Ilaria Villagrassa (Italy) 


Qin Tan (USA)

pantocrator gallery


Qin Tan is a multimedia artist residing in Maryland, USA. She studies in the Maryland Institute College of art with a major of General Fine Art. Her artwork have been showcased in Italy, USA and Shanghai. 

Sanjay Ramachandran (India)

pantocrator gallery


Sanjay Ramachandran is a self taught illustrator and Creative Producer with over 10 years of experience in Television. He is a Film and Television major from Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune , India. 



Lorraine Heller-Nicholas (Australia)

pantocrator gallery


Lorraine Heller-Nicholas often work with video and photography to create something new. As demonstrated by her past use of animation, drawing, printmaking, traditional handicrafts, photography and digital imaging, her work is dominated by a spirit of juxtaposition.


Jeff Musser (USA)

pantocrator gallery


Jeff Musser use canvas as a second skin, He attempt to create a world where the ugliness of his life is contained and expunged, giving his mentality artistic form, making it concrete. The tattoos became a proxy, in this case, a surrogate for the real skin and the real stories he embody underneath them mixed with birds such as sparrows, finches, humming birds and plants such as milk thistle, trumpet vines, roses and bearded irises that are symbols of freedom and happiness from his childhood in Northern California.


Ilaria Villagrassa (Italy)

pantocrator gallery

Ilaria Villagrassa use glazing and mixed techniques. The outcome is intentionally not naturalistic and the mimesis is replaced by transfigured shapes, in order to reach the perfect balance between the material and the spiritual components.
Her art is a search on the free expression, a quest to voice emotions and deep feelings, an invitation to the viewer to dive into a world of dream and unconsciousness.


Application for summer residence 2015 open




“A Square Peg in a Round Hole” 格格不入

Lily Hawkes 莉莉 霍克斯

resident artist June 2014


Solo Exhibition 個展

From June 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014



Opening Reception闭幕酒会

Saturday, June 21st, 5pm to 9pm

2014年6月21日 5点至9点

Lily Hawkes


Lily Hawkes' work from her residence at Pantocrator M50 combines outdoor views and interior spaces, dissecting and reconfiguring the Shanghai cityscape, borrowing shapes and imagery, and combining these with the recurring motives and aesthetics of her work.
The playful and suggestive piece is designed to create a highly theatrical presence whilst continuing to tackle issues regarding form, colour, and texture.

The final result of Lily's residence is closer to a gallery takeover than an exhibition, so join us for a drink among this unique, candy-coloured, and larger-than-life installation on Saturday, June 21st.

Lily Hawkes is an artist based in London, UK. She is the latest artist to take part in Pantocrator Shanghai's artist-in-residence programme, which brings international artists to work in Shanghai.







Lily Hawkes combine outdoor views and interior spaces, dissecting and reconfiguring the Shanghai cityscape, borrowing shapes and imagery and combining these with recurring motifs and aesthetics in my work. The playful and suggestive piece is designed to create a highly theatrical presence whilst continuing to tackle issues regarding color, texture and form.

'Architecture itself can unnerve the viewer as much as any ghoulish tale' - Freud

Structures are borrowed from the cityscape in both its silhouette and detail. The artist use existing spaces, objects and composition to inspire new structures. She analyze, redefine and present segments from these spaces in the gallery environment allowing the viewer to re-experience familiar composition and shapes often resulting in something that teeters between the sincere and the artificial.

The collective impact and use of dichotomy in scale and materiality are intended to allow the viewer to form their own experience that simultaneously confronts and seduces as they are immersed in a fabricated, artificial environment: a culmination of passive associations, inherent tensions and behavior.

The work relies heavily on materiality and composition; fabric aspects feel ephemeral in pale and faded colors whilst wooden structures seem permanent and durable in comparison. Hawkes explore the visual relationship between hard and soft materials, the use of industrial materials in juxtaposition with the handmade. The sculptures often exhibit huge mass and weight, dwarfing the viewer, evoking a feeling of awe and oppression.

The instillations act as post apocalyptic landscapes, both industrial and polished, weathered and temporary. They are mobile and immobile, fragile and strong, a visual jarring of materials, influences and scale; with the intention of immersing the viewer into a carefully balanced tension and contrast: a simultaneous confrontation and seduction.




作品的形状结构是源自城市景象的侧影和细节而创造的。莉莉·霍克斯利用已有的空间架构,物体元素和构图来创作新的构造。 她通过分析和重组,以图片形式展现画廊中的空间片段,让观者来重新体验似曾相识的构图布景,使观者有种在虚实之间徘徊的感觉。



这些雕塑预示着末日最后的景观:无论是现代工业化的,光鲜靓丽的还是风化破败的,短暂将逝的。 他们或可以移动或不可移动,或易碎或强壮,在物质材料和规模上产生一种不和谐的视觉效应,但同时让观者沉浸在一种非常精妙平衡的紧张不安和陶醉平和中。




Insight Inside

Deenesh Ghyczy


Solo Exhibition 個展
From May 9, 2014

Open Studio 开放画室
From May 9 to June 3, 2014

Opening 閉幕酒會
Saturday, May 24, 5pm to 9pm
2014年5月24日 ,星期六,5点到9点




Painting the Mirror

The mirror is a recurring element in the history of art. A case in point is offered by Parmigianino, one of the great painters of Italian Mannerism and considered by the art historian Giorgio Vasari to be the spiritual and stylistic heir to Raphael. Parmigianino went to Rome in 1524, seeking patronage from the papal court. For the occasion he painted his famous Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, which is preserved at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. In this self-portrait, the young Emilian painter, who died in 1540 without nothing but a legacy of sublime work, shows his skill by portraying himself in a distorting mirror.

The myth of Narcissus brings up the importance of the reflected image, wherein the handsome young hunter perishes, captivated by his reflection in a pool. The diaries of explorers and anthropologists are littered with reports of the value indigenous and uncontacted tribes place on small pieces of mirrors, trading food and manufactured goods for these foreign artefacts. In his Treatise on Painting , Leonardo da Vinci gives the mirror a place of honour, most notably in the famous chapter entitled How the Mirror is the Master of Painters. In it, Leonardo asserts that ‘Above all, the mirror is like the master of painting, because [the image] on the surface of the mirror maintains many similarities to paintings."

In the work of Deenesh Ghyczy, the mirror becomes a distorting lens through which the subject is both crushed and multiplied. The birth of the post-modern subject occurs as follows: first there is the fragmentation of modern and rational, then, as a result of its break-up and its dispersion, it gives gives rise to today's society full of multiple identities linked within each of us . In this new awareness of the multiplicity of our identities and our roles, Ghyczy seems to suggest that the ‘univocal’ portrait, to which we have become so accustomed through the history of painting, has now become ‘impossible’. The new ‘I’ needs multiple points of view and angles in order to be seen and understood in its ‘totality’.

Other series of paintings echo thematically and spiritually what Ghyczy’s work tries to make visible. The subject engages in a dialogue with himself, with his own aura. While its inwardness appears and resounds we, as external viewers, are gripped by a fear and a hope. There is more to the world than the visible, the power of this painting is to show us this truth, going beyond the actual perception to reach deeper dimensions.

Dr. Nicholas David Angerame

Curator and Art Critic

17 May 2014

Based in Berlin, Deenesh has been working in M50 as Pantocrator Gallery’s artist in residence since the beginning of May, and will continue using the gallery space as his studio until June 3rd.


镜子在艺术史上是一个经常性的元素。一个典型的例子是帕米贾尼诺,意大利伟大的画家之一,艺术史家瓦萨里认为他是拉斐尔精神和风格的继承人。帕米贾尼诺 1524年去了罗马,寻求罗马教皇的庇护。在那里他画了他最著名的一个在凸镜里的自画像,它被保存在维也纳艺术史博物馆。这位死于1540年年轻的艾米利 亚画家,通过这幅扭曲的自画像向世人显示了自己超人的绘画功力。

那喀索斯的神话带来了反射形象的重要性,其中年轻英俊猎人被自己在池中的倒影迷住, 导致了他的毁灭。探险家和人类学家的日记满布着具有历史价值的土著和原始部落的小块镜子,人们用食品和手工制品换取这些舶来品。在达芬奇关于绘画的论述 里,他给予镜子很高的评价,尤其在著名的一章题为镜子是画家的老师, 在这里面,莱昂纳多声称, “最重要的是,镜子是绘画的老师,因为镜子的表面上显示的图像保持着和绘画许多的相似处。 ”

在迪内士的绘画作品中,镜子变成了扭曲的镜头,通过对它的主题的粉碎和叠加。后现代主义的出现如下:首先有现代和理性的分裂,然后,作为其破裂和分散的结 果,引起当今社会每个相互关联的有着多重身份的我们对自我身份和角色的多重性的重新认识。 迪内士似乎在对我们指出,“单义”的画像,那些我们已习惯的绘画的历史,现在已经成为“不可能” 。新的“自我”需要更多的观点和角度以理解其“整体性”。

迪内士新的系列的作品中, 主题上和精神上的意图非常明显。主题是他自己的光环和自我内心的话。精神上的内在性的出现和提升,我们作为外部观察者,被他的画面带出了恐惧和希望。世界 上还有很多东西是不可见的,这些画向我们展示了这个道理,画面可以超越实际的感知,达到更深的层面。




“Something about light” 朱曄

Zhu Ye 朱曄


Solo Exhibition 個展
From April 1 to May 8, 2014

Closing Reception 閉幕酒會
Thursday, May 8, 5pm to 9pm
2014年5月8日 ,星期四,5点到9点

view the pictures of the artworks and exhibiton

Ye Zhu





Bryan Prillwitz

Resident artist February - March 2014

Solo exhibition 个展


3月22日 至 3月31日
Exhibition: from 22th to 31th March.


Opening: 22th March, from 5 to 9pm.


Pantocrator Gallerry presents the art works of the artists Bryan Prillwitz.

His paintings and drawings are in the line of the expresionist  and describe  recount memories of the most primitive feelings, desires and emotions.

He wants to describe the tortures of denial and the feeling of diminishment that exists for both sexes in this period of perpetual war.
He pairs the elegant with the brooding, and the feminine with the masculine.

Gender, race, and class conflict come together almost as one memory, that is of the flesh, or as a clash of the flesh.
That which is beautiful in nature is that which is most mysterious, like that dark jungle river ride into the orange sun, mystery, destiny, and happy ending.


David Short

resident artist January 2014, work in progress from January 1st to 25th

1月25日 至 1月31日
Exhibition: from 25th to 31th January

Opening: 25th January, from 6 to 9pm.



Pantocrator Gallery show the works of the artis David Short,  australian based artist whose practice explores various mediums and concepts that revolve around the domestic environment, from inside the home to the backyard.

David Short after finishing a bachelor of Fine Art (Media Arts) at RMIT University In Australia, David has combined his two practices of installation/sculpture and film to venture into experimental film and video art works.

Both experimental films Kitchen Horror and Carpet Burn where screened at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010 and 2011.

Early sculptural works explored the dissection of the domestic environment by cutting household goods in half, exposing the unseen and the hidden.

This theme was continued with the short experimental film Dissection in 2007, in which David was able to realize his dream by cutting an entire double story brick house in half.

This film, funded by the Australian Film Commission, was co-created, co-written and production designed by David under the banner of his production group and collective Isore, established in 2006. Dissection was selected for Melbourne International Film Festival in 2008.

In May 2008 David embarked on a project “Land Inspection Now Open” for Next Wave Festival 2008.

From 99 suburbs across Melbourne, David collected 99 samples of land, which were extracted, valued,

individually packaged then sold.

Land Inspection Now Open was an exhibition project that employed methods of sampling, land categorization and mapping to illuminate and dissect the concepts of land ownership and value.

After finishing a bachelor of Fine Art (Media Arts) at RMIT University In Australia, David has combined his two practices of installation/sculpture and film to venture into experimental film and video art works.

Both experimental films Kitchen Horror and Carpet Burn where screened at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010 and 2011.




“The City of Lights”

Bence Bakonyi

Solo exhibition 个展

12月14日 至 1月14日
Exhibition: from 14th December to 14th January


Opening: 21th December, from 6 to 9pm.



Pantocrator Gallery presents the solo exhibition of the hungarian artist Bence Bakonyi. Entitled "The City of Lights." Shanghai.

The buildings, streets and pedestrians od Xuhi. For some, it is home.

But for the maker of these photographs, the depicted places belong to a completely unknown world, which he got closer to only through the making of these pictures.

It is wonderful to record a scene because a reified memory never fades.

And by immortalizing a moment, we also take posession of it: it becomes ours. Bence Bakonyi familiarized with Shanghai by recording his experiences, taking posession of more and more locations of the city. The City of Lights series is an account of how the artist found his home in the unknown.

And because home is where one can find himself, the photographs can also be seen as the artist's self-portraits projected onto Shanghai. Bakonyi's artistic mode of expression is characterized by harmonic compisitions, well- ordered spaces, and the moderateness and elegance that stems from the use of delicate pastels.

His works have a slight surreal atmosphere as well, which is also manifest in his Shanghai series.

The photographs are primarily documentative, but the artists's use of light and colour – the portrayal of nightime lights in bright daylight – nonetheless distances them from reality to a certain extent.

In Bence Bakonyi's series we can see the city as it is presented by the photographer, but also the artist who is in turn brought closer to us by Shanghai.



Bence Bakonyi (Budapest-Hungary) Formed in the Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, BA, photography (2010-2013).

Member of the Hungarian Association of Young art photographers FFS since 2010. His works have been exhibited in cities such as Budapest, Prague, Kiev, Paris, selected for festival design Fid Costa Rica or solo exhibition in Xuhui Art Museum of China.

The photographic works of Bence Bakonyi represent the symbols of freedom, airiness and transubstantiation.

Below their contemporary and young aesthetics, they provide us with deeper layers of interpretations.

Body and mind – these qualities are entirely intertwined in the unique pictoriality he creates: a human blends into the landscape, the body extends, or we see a deep black mark on the bright white cliff that appears as a gate which attracts its visual pair on the picture: a human figure.

The consequently emerging drama dissolves either in bright spaces or in the soothing aesthetics created by the color lines – making his works easily accessible.

The generous spaces of his photographs and their capacity to connect reality and fantasy turn us away from the problems of everyday life and direct our thoughts toward the much more universal and dignified questions of human existence.

(Misetics Mátyás text).



Fashion Bone

Su Ling Gyr a show curated by Tippi Ling

Solo exhibition 个展

12月4日 至 12月6日/日常生活 /下午4点到晚上6点

Performances: 4th to 6th December everyday from 4 to 6pm.


Opening: 7th December, from 6 to 9pm.

12月7日 至 12月13日

Exhibition: from 7th to 13th December.


Su Ling Gyr has a BTECH and BA in Fine Art and Fashion from Central St. Martins College of Design in London, she has shown her work in Switzerland, London, Berlin and Stockholm.

Su Ling Gyr currently works between Berlin and Stockholm.

For more information please visit

Fashion Bone

What comes to mind when Su Ling Gyr thinks of Shanghai is progress.

Her grandpa fled China during the revolution, it is only decades later, that she is here checking out the skyscrapers and luxury stores, several of her European friends who work in fashion now take jobs in Asia.

Read more..




Ramón Lez (Spain)

resident artist October- November 2013


"Emptinesses" is a project of artistic creation resorting to a fantastic, classic and contemporary canon. The title suggests the inexorable condition of existential events toward the search for identity as a metaphor. So, ambiguity as well as vagueness become the leitmotiv of this visual narration.

Opening: November 23, from 5 to 9 pm

Exhibition: from 23 to 30 November


11月23日 至 11月30日


Ramón Lez is an artist who works in a variety of media including painting, artvideo,installation and film/video.

He studied fine arts in San Carlos Faculty in Valencia (Spain) and went on rounding his vocational training off with academic grants in Caracas whitch Luis Lizardo and Munich where he studied with Gunther Förg and Markus Ohelen.

It is to point up some prizes and grants such as the First Prize, Murcia Visual Arts, Murcia. 2007, Artistic Production Grant, La Bodega, Museum Casa Pintada, Mula. 2007, Artistic Creation Grant for The Gabarron Foundation.2011.

He has been selected by multiple national and international film festivals and selected to take part in contests like:

Workshops whitch film-makers L.M.Kit Carson and Abbas Kiarostami.

His work has been exhibited in International Fairs of Contemporaneous Art:

- The Gabarron Foundation of New York 2008 and 2011

- CIRCA in Puerto Rico 2008

- MAC in Puerto Rico 2009

- ARCO MADRID 2009 and 2010

Ramon Lez has planned with his latests projects, portraits, painted faces containing elements which make us reflect and which are loaded with a certain mysterious.

It is not about faces which, seemingly, look at the beholder but looks watching themselves, introspective and suppressed looks at the same time, as if it is about mirrors on the canvas itself, like small parts of the whole.

In this works the aim is to reflect the splendour of nature by means of an conceptual images contemplation of the flowing images in order to think about the very existence of mankind as well as history and modernity through death as a birth, a catharsis, a transformation, rather a pupa giving rise to another identity/ reality.

Some, seemingly, simple, anguished or beautiful portraits constitute reflections concerning perception and photography through Lez´s properly contemporaneous way of working, by preparing painstaking stage designs on which he places the images like protagonists and falls back on digital technology with the object of manipulating the final result.




“In a Bubbaloo Sphere”

Factoria Rent Me summer 2014 collection

illustration by Berto Martinez


Factoria Rent Me is an independent brand founded in Barcelona and established in Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. Its philosophy consist in the union between fashion an art, derived from the idea that fashion has the aptitude to create sensations as art does.

For this reason in their collections have collaborated with important independent artists like Tom Sandford or Elena Monzo at the same time that develops personal art projects, demonstrating the fusion of fashion and art.

For the next summer 2014, it presents its new collection, “In a Bubbaloo Sphere”.

A feminine and delicate collection that pretends to create a save atmosphere, a bubbaloo sphere, inside the crisis world moment, a place that everybody could build inside them, but day by day they are using to lose it, forgetting their pink powers and being lost in the past, building a new dark future without illusions.





Lei Wang (China)

Solo exhibition from September 16 to October 17


"Endless summer rain"

Lei Wang

Live & work in Shanghai

Born in 1984 in Qingdao





Swab Art Fair (Barcelona, Spain)

From October 3 to 6, 2013





Preview Berlin Art Fair (Berlin, Germany)


preview berlin 2013

island6 & Pantocrátor Gallery at Preview Berlin.
From September 19 to 22, 2013
Both 5

The fair take place at:

Opernwerkstätten Berlin
Zinnowitzer Straße 9
10115 Berlin







Luciano Benites Fiusa Lima (Brasil)

Resident artist July-August 2013

"Art should propose projects and works to activate specific sectors of our society. Thereby, art´s challenge would be to create an efficient and constructive dialogue between citizens. 

Architectural knowledge gives you the credentials to talk, question and suggest things referring to the urban and social quality in the cities, topics that I am most certainly keen on investigating. Caotic cities have very strong and abrupt frontiers, abandoned lands, interstices on the urban grid that should be eliminated or solved so as to diminish the socioeconomic impact that these situations generate. Art has the power to claim and build a more equal environment, a place where culture can speak up because it will be heard."


建筑知识让你更自信的说话,问问题,和建议有关于在城市里城市和社会的质量的事情,这些都是我最热衷于调 查的话题。Caotic城市具有非常强和突兀的边疆,一片被遗弃的土地,这在城市土地上的空隙应当消除或解决,从而减少那些产生社会经济影响的情况。艺术 有权力要求,并建立一个更平等的环境一个能让文化说话并能被听到的地方。”





Hans Gullickson (New York)

Resident artist August 2013



Hans is a multimedia artist interested in expressing and exploring the personal and communal experience of awareness through different mediums, forms and settings. Through the detailed and continual expression of what is inside him (varying the medium to fit the project), be it memories, muscle memory, iconography, symbols. His work draws from diverse sources for content, and context. He wish to express both a very personal voice, and also the communal shared voice of our human form and history through the raw alive ingredients of actualized hope and potential implemented by simple direct means. He regularly use silkscreens, paper, paint, hand drawing, gold leafing, found objects and mediums, he work in are handmade artbooks, video art, street art, installations, paintings, textiles.

Hans 是一个多媒体艺术家, 他感兴趣于通过不同的材料形式和设置来表达和探索个人,社区经验的意识。通过详细和持续表达他的里面蕴涵了什么(改变不同的材料来适合项目),记忆,肌肉 的记忆,意象,符号。他的作品运用了各种题材的内容和上下文。他希望能表达出一个人的声音和我们人类的公认共享的语音和历史,通过希望实际使用原料活着的 成分和以简单直接的方式使潜力实现。他一般使用丝印,造纸,油漆,手绘图,黄金翻阅,发现对象和材料。他的作品是他的工作是手工制作的画集,录像艺术,街 头艺术,装置,绘画,纺织。



Pan Stage Summer 2013

Collective exhibition / Painting, music and
集体展览 / 绘画,音乐和

Exhibition: from 27 to 31 July
7月27日 至 7月31日

Resident artist:

Erico Wakamatsu (Japan)
Francesco Liberti (Italy)
Hans Gullickson ( New York)
Lilian Beidler (Switzerland)
Luciano Benites Fiusa Lima (Brasil)

Exhibition: from 24 to 31 August
8月24日 至 8月31日


running from Lilian Beidler

Voicestrument - 1. Performance from Lilian Beidler


Erico Wakamatsu

sssFrancesco Liberti





Francesco Liberti (Italy)

Resident artist July 2013



Francesco Liberti 1981 Naples, Italy
Lives and works in Rome and Naples
The artistic research of Francesco Liberti arises from the awareness that Art has a cathartic effect on human passions and, hence, it can dissolve the numbness which some issues stagnate in. However, as an artist, Liberti pursues a sort of formal and substantial purity: this peculiarity, while guaranteeing esthetic beauty, never forgets the importance of the message to be conveyed. His primary interest lies in exploring and investigating into the energies and vital forces animating the natural subsoil as well as, through a process of metaphorization, in the strength of human individuals.

Francesco Liberti 1981年出生在意大利,那不勒斯。

他在罗马和那不勒斯生活。 Francesco






Lilian Beidler (Switzerland)

Resident artist July 2013



Lilian Beidler is a composer and new genres artist born in 1982 in Switzerland.

Sound being a fundamental component of her work, she ranges from installation, performance and acousmatic composition. She is interested in the relation between sound and body and object as mobile parameters in a particular space. Functional objects like machines or devices with modified uses often serve as basic materials for her artistic interventions.

She completed her Masters Degree in Contemporary Arts Practice from the Bern University of Arts in 2010. She has been an artist in residence in the US, Finland and China. She regularly performs and shows her work internationally at sound art and performance festivals as well as in galleries and visual art fairs, such as ZKM Karlsruhe DE, Fondation Beyeler in Basel CH, Substitut in Berlin DE, "Taming Technology" in Florence IT, "jungkunst" in Winterthur CH, "Contemporary Art Ruhr" in Essen DE, Penclub Gallery in Budapest HU, "Arteles Creative Center" in Hameenkyrö FI and "I-Park" in East Haddam USA.

Lilian Beidler 是一位作曲家和新流派的艺术家,出生于1982年的瑞士。声音是她工作的基础部分。
university of Arts完成了她当代艺术实践的硕士学位。她以前作为一个艺术家居住在美国,芬兰和中国。她定期在国际上的声音艺术及表演艺术节里展览和展示她的作品,她也会在在画廊和视觉艺术展里展现她的作品。
比如:在德国卡尔斯鲁厄的“ZKM ”,在瑞士巴塞尔的基金会BEYELER,在德国柏林的Substitut,在意大利佛罗伦萨的"Taming
Creative Center"和在美国的东哈德姆的"I-Park"。






Erico Wakamatsu (Japan)

Resident artist July 2013



Erico Wakamatsu is a sound creator from Tokyo. Lives in NY.
She mainly make ambient/noise style sounds, Experimental look performance.

Erico Wakamatsu 是一个东京的声音的创造者。她住在纽约。她主要制作产生轻松与新鲜氛围的类型的声音,实验性的性能。

Sound Cloud





Luciano Benites Fiusa Lima (Brasil)

Resident artist July-August 2013



"Art should propose projects and works to activate specific sectors of our society. Thereby, art´s challenge would be to create an efficient and constructive dialogue between citizens. 

Architectural knowledge gives you the credentials to talk, question and suggest things referring to the urban and social quality in the cities, topics that I am most certainly keen on investigating. Caotic cities have very strong and abrupt frontiers, abandoned lands, interstices on the urban grid that should be eliminated or solved so as to diminish the socioeconomic impact that these situations generate. Art has the power to claim and build a more equal environment, a place where culture can speak up because it will be heard."


建筑知识让你更自信的说话,问问题,和建议有关于在城市里城市和社会的质量的事情,这些都是我最热衷于调 查的话题。Caotic城市具有非常强和突兀的边疆,一片被遗弃的土地,这在城市土地上的空隙应当消除或解决,从而减少那些产生社会经济影响的情况。艺术 有权力要求,并建立一个更平等的环境一个能让文化说话并能被听到的地方。”





Hans Gullickson (New York)

Resident artist August 2013



Hans is a multimedia artist interested in expressing and exploring the personal and communal experience of awareness through different mediums, forms and settings. Through the detailed and continual expression of what is inside him (varying the medium to fit the project), be it memories, muscle memory, iconography, symbols. His work draws from diverse sources for content, and context. He wish to express both a very personal voice, and also the communal shared voice of our human form and history through the raw alive ingredients of actualized hope and potential implemented by simple direct means. He regularly use silkscreens, paper, paint, hand drawing, gold leafing, found objects and mediums, he work in are handmade artbooks, video art, street art, installations, paintings, textiles.

Hans 是一个多媒体艺术家, 他感兴趣于通过不同的材料形式和设置来表达和探索个人,社区经验的意识。通过详细和持续表达他的里面蕴涵了什么(改变不同的材料来适合项目),记忆,肌肉 的记忆,意象,符号。他的作品运用了各种题材的内容和上下文。他希望能表达出一个人的声音和我们人类的公认共享的语音和历史,通过希望实际使用原料活着的 成分和以简单直接的方式使潜力实现。他一般使用丝印,造纸,油漆,手绘图,黄金翻阅,发现对象和材料。他的作品是他的工作是手工制作的画集,录像艺术,街 头艺术,装置,绘画,纺织。




"Shanghai Summer artist residence July 2013"



Every July Saturday from 5:30 pm

“Performances and sound adventures by: Erico Wakamatsu (Japan), Francesco Liberti (Italy) and Lilian Beidler (Switzerland)


Erico Wakamatsu (日本), Francesco Liberti (意大利) 和 Lilian Beidler (瑞士)

Exhibition: from 27 to 31 July
7月27日 至 7月31日



See pictures of the opening





Zhu Ye (China)

Solo exhibition, June 2013

Pantocrator Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the great Shanghainese artist Zhu Ye / Juliet.
Zhu Ye advanced her knowledge and appreciation of Western culture when she studied art in England. She currently lives and works in Shanghai, but travels regularly to Europe where her work is positively received.
Her large canvases capture a virtuosity deeply rooted in an ancient culture; while her subtle Western influences allows for a universal artistic reading of her work.
Zhu Ye develops a harmonious aesthetic using elaborate mixed media: organic materials, acrylic and pure pigments mixed with traditional Chinese ink, which results in an accumulation of stains, layers and transparencies that despite the apparent final abstraction, transport the viewer to crisp landscapes, mystical and comforting.
Her brushwork revolves around blue as the base color, on top of which the use of ink highlights the subtle tones of the artist’s work, thus emphasizing the overall drama of her pieces.


Pantocrator  画廊欣然展出伟大的上海艺术家 朱晔/ Juliet的个人展览

朱晔在英国学习艺术时,加强了对深厚的西方文化的知识了解与欣赏。她目前在上海工作和生活, 不过她会经常去欧洲, 在那里她的作品得到许多正面的回应。


例如:有机材料,丙烯酸和纯颜料,其中夹杂着传统中国水墨,导致了着色的堆积层和透明透明性,可是最终的抽象展示, 描绘给观画者清新风景,

她的作品围绕着蓝色, 利用蓝色作为基调色,顶部使用油墨作为加强她作品的微妙的色调,由此强调整幅作品的戏剧性。


Zhu Ye, born 1977 Shanghai.  After graduating from Shanghai University, the College of Fine Art, Zhu Ye continued her MA studies in Kent Institute of Art & Design, England. From 2005 to 2010 she was lecturer at Shanghai Arts and Crafts Vocational College. Currently Zhu Ye is a professional artist who having her studio at M50 Shanghai. Her artworks been exhibited in China and Europe and due her very individualistic style of painting she has been appreciated by local and foreign art collectors.

朱晔,女,1977年出生于上海。2000年本科毕业于上海大学美术学院中国画系。2002年硕士毕业于英 国肯特艺术与设计学院艺术系。2004年至2010年七月任教于上海工艺美术职业学院, 现为职业艺术家, 在莫干山路50号艺术创意园区内的工作室进行艺术创作。她的作品曾在中国和欧洲展出, 并被国内外的收藏家所收藏.






"Green Tiger with Blue Heart" 绿虎蓝心


Benito Lamenca

Opening: Sunday, May 26th from 3pm until 8pm
5月26日 / 周六 / 下午3 - 8 点
from May 26th until June 21th
5月26日 至 6月21日


Benito Lamenca, Ceuta 1950. Grenadian adoption. After a long career in the world of letters and the arts, in parallel to his work in healthcare and pharmacy, this affable artist and freethinker presents for the first time in the Far East, an anthology of his painting, well as the publication of a poetry anthology written also throughout the years.
The artist and writer is pleased to present their paintings at Pantocrator Gallery in the M50 art center of Shanghai (China) from 26 May to 21 June of 2013.






"Tonight I come to sign you" 今晚我来签署你


Samuel Sarmiento

Resident artist April and May 2013

exhibition: from may 16th until may 23th
5月16日 至 5月23日

Close Party: Thursday May 23th from 6pm until 9pm

5月23日 / 周六 / 下午6 - 9 点



Samuel Sarmiento was born in Venezuela in 1987. It is as a self-taught that he starts out his artistic training. In 2009 he completes his journalism studies at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 2010 he carries out a Master's degree in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He is currently studying for a Master's Degree of Art - Creation and Research, his major being Painting, at the University Complutense of Madrid. He has participated in various exhibitions, individually as well as collectively in Venezuela, Germany, Aruba, Spain, USA, China and the Netherlands.

"I've always found great satisfaction while engaging in the act of painting and I am now trying to convert this activity into my profession. My artistic work is very much influenced by my life experiences. It is made up of drawings and paintings through which I hope to tell stories. Thanks to my creations I'm looking to materialize my narratives, where landscape and individual emotionally and symbolically relate to each other. In developing my artistic production I have created a personal symbolic code which produces repetition turning it into a creative tool, from which the represented characters, forms, figures, graphics and signs come about. They tell legends, tales and metaphorical stories, which, using a simple image, transmit a message without the need for rational interpretation. When it comes to theory, artists like Miodrag Djuric, Clyfford Still, Wifredo Lam and Marc Chagall, have all had an influence on my past as well as current work. These references may provide some insight, to a certain extent, when it comes to my use of ancient mythological figures, of depictions of adults with animal features, or of pictorial gestures containing different degrees of abstraction. All these factors, when seen within their specific context, help to develop the scenarios I create. I'm interested in analysing the relationship between narration and landscapes, and in which way the landscape constitutes an individual character's perception of its own environment can be built up."

Samuel Sarmiento





"Cord and Discord" 绳与不调和展示系列绘画,视频和装置

Ameet Gill


opening: saturday, May 4th from 5pm until 8pm

5月4日 / 周六 / 下午5 - 8 点
exhibition: from May 4th until May 12th 
5月4日 至 5月12日



Bringing the contradictions of the society forward, symbolically representing beautiful rhythm and cord followed by discord, thus creating a viscous cycle overstepping all borders, where power have been used and abused... The beautiful cord of rich heritage and nature turning into discord. On the flip side the realization that contradiction is the power and beauty of universe - opposites not only exist but flow hand in hand and absolute harmony for example feelings of happiness and sadness, bravery and fear, leading to an understanding of darker forces like lust, greed, hatred as being the cause of Discord.

"Where there is discord, may we bring harmony" - Margaret Thatcher.




"Since we last spoke" 自从我们上次谈话

Pierre Chaumont

Resident artist April 2013

opening: saturday, april 20th from 2pm until 6pm

4月20日 / 周六 / 下午2 - 6 点
exhibition: from april 20th until may 2th 
4月20日 至 5月2日


For this series, Pierre Chaumont is using to create works a traditional Japanese craft called kumi himo which consists of tying a thin silk lace for it to form an organic or geometric shape (circle, ball, leaves, etc.) in a harmonious way. Originally it was believed that in every knot God was present and even if nowadays it has lost this meaning you can still find it for important events like wedding, funeral, child’s birth or starting a company. For him, it conceptually represents a way to highlight events in a community or individual's life. In a mixture of drawings, sculpture and video, he explores the possibilities of this technique to translate intangible moments.

This exhibition is possible in part with the help of the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec.

艺术家Pierre Chaumont 借助了日本传统手织腰带绳手工艺创造出一系列利用丝绸细带编织成有机或者有序的形状,比如环形,球形,树叶等等...在古老的最初,每个绳结都代表一个 神.甚至在今天那些绳结已经丢失了原本的意义.但是在一些重要的活动中, 婚礼,葬礼,生日,开业...依然可以见到他们的身影. 对于艺术家来说,这是一种概念化标志社团的重要活动或者个人生活的重要时刻. 借用混合绘画,雕塑和视频,他试图探索了用这一古老的编织技术转化这些无形时刻的可能性.

The Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec协助本次展览





"Urban Gaps" 都市缝隙

Photography and Space Production 影像与空间

Gaby Steiner

Resident artist March 2013

opening: saturday, march 30th from 2pm until 6pm

3月30日 / 周六 / 下午2 - 6 点
exhibition: from march 30th until april 11th 
3月30日 至 4月11日

The modernization of Chinese society produces images of fast pacing global cities. New buildings come along with the destruction of older areas. The demolition creates blank spaces, an urban wasteland of shredded bricks with traces of broken furniture, a chair, a curtain and plastic bags. In the background there is the horizon of newly erected high rise buildings. The wasteland is called short-term potential spaces ready for development and exists as a metaphor for fast-paced capitalism. The gaps in the urban environment are a kind of discrete sign for the hidden and obvious social gaps. The so-called socio-economic harmonization process of the society narrows the chances of space-seeking migrant workers. Real life chances are replaced by a simultaneous identification with prosperity. Next to the destroyed area there are still a couple of old buildings that are nearly ruined but still inhabited. The urban wasteland is a chaotic interruption in the continuity of the cities structure. Temporary urban wasteland can be considered as a model of a border zone in urban society. It is a zone between the past and the future, a sort of a blank space in the present. The marginal inhabitants of the area have no hope that their half-shattered homes will resist the brutal forces of the city’s reconfiguration.
Gaby Steiner’s portraits of the inhabitants show what is left for them: the dignity of one day that could be the last in their area. There are images that show a young mother with her boy on her arm posing in front of her old home, an old lady on a chair sitting in front of her unheated house to grasp some warmth of the sun and the self confident look of a young man passing a narrow lane. Shanghai's rapidly  changing urban environment appears as a pattern of multiple places, fragments of temporary, potential spaces, spaces that are not yet used, but are in transformation between two conditions and times. Fragmentation is an essential aspect of the picture of modernity. There is an inside problematic of the idea that the image is communicating through the fragmentation of the visualization but the viewer's failure to find meaning despite the disjointedness, is that truth and reality are uncertain and only knowable by analyzing the broader context. The city as a social form is inserted into a far larger global network of economy, demographics, ecology and communication. Global culture is shaped by world cities and those are in turn shaped by global cultures.
In Shanghai culture is viewed as a source of cohesion in China's rapidly changing environment. But what if a culture tolerates the oppression of the public:everyday people, students and artists? Most people in Shanghai live in high-rise buildings. A lot of them were asked to leave their old houses in order to make way for the construction of high rise apartment blocks. Living and working in those buildings with their monolithic infrastructure makes it really hard to establish a relationship to one’s surroundings.The outside world is structurally isolated and serves the needs of cars  and public transportation. Most of the this space is not perceived as something other than transit space. An additional factor that creates the sense of isolation is the space between the blocks. Your neighboor in the opposite building is visible when you look out of your prefabricated home. Although you are visible as well for the people who live in the next building, it is hard to imagine that the space between the buildings is a space for interaction.
Finally there is the question for the role of photography in the described environments and social contexts. Can photographs go beyond the illustration of interior and exterior within the frame of the image, which is communicated on the surface, and the unspoken, unseen context? Photography can in this way be seen as a medium of space production. It is concerned with exploring social spaces, focussing on frames and fragments that appear as parts of an interconnected reality. The interplay between the meaning of the visible space and the simultaneous isolation of the image uncovers different layers of representation of reality and power structures. The human being appears as an integral component of the narration. Photography as space production goes beyond documenting places, and serves as research into the relations between the human and the environment. The personal and social landscape is juxtaposed within the urban environment, the question of space is vital. In that sense the exploration of the blank spaces introduced in the beginning of this text creates a new space: a social counter-space in a visual but also literal sense. 

中国社会的现代化进程使中国拥有了国际大都市的形象.新建筑取而代之老建 筑. 在这取代的过程中却出现了一块都市荒地, 废弃的砖瓦, 家具, 桌椅, 窗帘和塑料袋. 背景处是新建的高楼大厦... 这种暂时的都市荒地可以被视为城市的边缘地带, 存在于过去与未来之间. 无望的生活在破落房子中的居民们面对着粗鲁的再安置.

Gaby Steiner 描绘了都市荒地上的居民: 他们坚守的尊严... 上海的快速发展产生了这些暂时的都市荒地, 还未被利用开发的地方, 也是时代转变的产物[...] 

在上海,文化与中国的快速发展息息相关. 但是否这文化也能包容公众的苦恼? 学生,艺术家, 许多上海人生活在高楼中, 他们中的很多人离开老房子, 搬进了新的高楼. 生活在高楼中的人们很难真正的与新环境产生共融[...] 

最后, 有一个问题留给摄影所居的角色关于如何表述社会环境. 摄影是否可以超越只是简单的在方寸之间描绘内部和外部环境, 而是沟通其潜在的, 更深层次的内在意义? 影像可以被看作是载体, 通过探索社会空间, 聚焦与现实紧密联结的形式. 游走于可见空间的意义和同时存在于画面的孤立感之间所透露的多层次的现实力量... 影像空间也可以超越仅作为对于空间的记录, 而作为研究人与环境的关系.在都市中人与环境是对矛盾体, 对于空间的问题是重要的. 对于都市荒地的探索开启了一个新的空间: 一个具有字面意义的显形时空


Pictures of the exhibition







28 February to 15 March, 2013 - Opening: 28 February, 6pm


"In Search of the Original" 寻找源


Erin Tjin A Ton (Holland)

Resident artist February 2013

Solo exhibition


Erin Tjin A Ton

Erin Tjin A Ton (1985) is a Dutch artist who got her BFA at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (2009) and graduated cum laude from the research master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (2011).

She defines herself as a conceptual artist that works with a variety of media, such as ceramics, textile, photography, moving images and simple pen and paper. In her work the medium follows the concept. In order to create her works she often co-operates with different technicians and artists.

During her one-month stay in Shanghai she noticed that there are people who collect and divide garbage. You see men with bikes loaded with only plastics or cardboards. Which she assumed could be traded for money somewhere else. Objects that are for one person seen as garbage are seen as ‘bread’ to someone else.

Therefore she decided to make work that questions the value of waste. She collected plastic packages; casted these in plaster and made porcelain models of these objects. Next to that she collected wrappings from the materials she used during her stay in Shanghai and requested a Chinese painter to make a painting out of these wrappings.

Another starting point for her work she developed during her residence were fish. In Holland fish are meant as some lovely decoration in ones house. Fish in Asia have a deeper meaning and are seen as fortune bringers. The character for fish means wealth and oversupply.

For her work Erin carved five different fish in wood together with her Chinese friend and artist Lixiau Fange and printed these in black on papers that are hanged in the gallery. First there are a few fish, then they swim towards each other and slowly meet, until there are too many of them to space themselves out on the paper.

Within the works she made for the exhibition at Pantocrator Gallery she opposes different questions that raised to her during her stay such as: ‘What is it that decides whether something is valuable or not?’, ‘When we appreciate art, do we appreciate its maker, material or context or is this a combination?’, ‘In the context of Chinese contemporary art, does it matter whether the artist actually makes the works him/herself or not?’, ‘Do fish actually bring luck?’, ‘ How does the use of certain materials in art reflect a certain culture?’.


Erin Tjin A Ton (1985)是一位来自荷兰的艺术家,她于2009年毕业于阿姆斯特丹的Gerrit Rietveld Academy ,并且2011年以优异的成绩拿到了University of Amsterdam的艺术研究硕士学位。
她在Pantocrator Gallery的展览的作品当中也提出了很多的问题 比如:"是什么决定东西是有价值的"“当我们欣赏艺术的时候,我们欣赏的是它的作者,材质或内含,或者是整体感觉?”“在中国当代艺术的背景下,艺术家单 独完成作品与否已经无所谓了?”“鱼真的能带来好运吗?”“如何正确巧妙使用某些材料以便更好的体现出文化性与艺术性?”


Pictures of the exhibition







25 January 2012 to 15 to February, 2013 - Opening: 25 January, 6pm


"Made in Korea: The Process that the Colours are Mixed"



Gyuwon Lee (South Korea)

Resident artist December 2012, January 2013

Solo exhibition



Gyuwon Lee (Seoul, Korea) develops a very interesting artistic work from a personal theory, perhaps somewhat ironic but seriously metaphysics about his country of origin; Korea.
Gyuwon assumes that Korea is what is currently by influences that has suffered over time: China until the nineteenth century, and continues in North Korea. Japan's colonization of 36. U.S. currently in South Korea.
Or what is the same, Korea, could be the result of superposition of the three powers, USA, Japan and China.
From this metaphysical approach, and always in the aesthetic sense, Gyuwon's plastic work develops a sublime intensity,new pop, full of color and nuances, in which all elements are easily recognizable, always around iconic elements of this three potentials.
Gyuwon Lee is Korean but lives and works in London, so it is aware that this kind of influence can be extrapolated to other cosmopolitan cities that also draw on external influences.


Pictures of the exhibition








17 November to 17 December, 2012 - Opening: 22 September, 6pm




Gonzalo Reyes Araos (Chile)

Resident artist October, November 2012

Solo exhibition


pantocrator gallery


“Matter-time-light” is a research project that took place during an artist residency at Pantocrátor gallery in Shanghai, in October and November 2012. As an “intimate picture philology”, this research addresses some questions related to the symbolic content of the
picture production, and examines the link between its technical process and its presentation and development support.

The difference of inductive and deductive creative processes is for me a real source of inspiration. In the first case, the work and its emotional content contribute to shape the creation process. In the second, the work is defined by the conceptual process that takes
place before the implementation. These processes led me to confront and to explore the sublimation of technical production supports of contemporary creation.

Questioning the methods of execution and production of the picture takes, therefore, a metaphysical value in the act of constructing the picture. The discipline, as well as its active components, can therefore be considered as a tool supporting a spiritual dimensión. The approach adopted is a formal confrontation that submits to the production of an image of a specific discipline and image production techniques from other disciplines. This creates hybrids that stimulate new forms of symbiosis. The work comes from an exploration of the movement
of « push generator » between different processes.










采用的方法是一种正式的对抗,它提交了一种特定学科从其他学科的图像制作. 他图像


开幕:9月5日,5点 - 9点 (下午)



Pictures of the exhibtion








5 October to 18 November, 2012 - Opening: 19 May, 6pm




Collective exhibition / Painting and drawings


Sito Mújica (Spain)

Berto Martínez (Spain)

Josafat Miranda (USA)

Onofre Bachiller (Spain)

sito mújica


For the first time in Shanghai, this collaborative exhibition brings together several works by two of the most brilliant illustrators based in Barcelona: Berto Martínez and Sito Mújica.
To some degree, broadly speaking, they both draw inspiration from the same sources, (modernity, 20th century media celebrities, the fashion industry, sports, or other entertainment) driven by an anthropological concern for human representation.

This leads them to develop reflective works on self-identity, creating new and strong links between the spectator and the representative figure.
Both artists developed their technique resulting in works that are precise, precious and wonderful.
Furthermore, we present portraits by Onofre Caldentey with his demystified vision of vulgar reality with respect to what is triumphant and unreal in this world. Vulgarity emphasizes the utilized techniques; pen over paper, but with contrast to the mastery of the stroke.

Finally, Josafat Miranda shows us a portrait that draws on a sense of fantasy and its escapist imagery to fuel her work. Detail and precise drawing are also central to her technique, incorporating a mixture of modern and old techniques such as hot wax (encaustic) or a gold leaf.

In parallel with the exhibition "Portraits", Pantocrator Gallery presents a video art of Pecado Pixelado.
Her creative philosophy focuses on eroticism and visual humor, emphasizing the semantics of the images. Her sessions as a Vj easily adapt to different background noises. In her works, you will find influences from vintage aesthetics, surrealism, series b, animation or Atari video games.
On this occasion, we present "Duelo al Sol." This piece moves away from her works as a VJ and resemble more of a "video art" influence while maintaining her dreamlike and surrealist vision.


Pictures of the exhibtion








22 to 30 September, 2012 - Opening: 22 September, 6pm




Jose Manzanares (Spain)

Resident artist September 2012

Solo exhibition


pantocrator gallery









1 July to 31 August, 2012 - Opening: 1 July , 6pm


"Shanghai Summer artist residence 2012"


Collective exhibition / Painting, drawings and installation


Denise Treizman (Chile / New York)

David Jacobs (Los Angeles / New York)

José Manzanares (Spain)

Chi Zhang (New York)


denise treizmanChi ZhangJose manzanaresDavid Jacobos


Pictures of the exhibtion






22 June to 1 July, 2012 - Opening: 22 June, 6pm




Marta Martínez Corada (Spain)

Resident artist May, June 2012

Solo exhibition


marta martinez corada

The narratives developed in "post-memories" are set on the border between the documentary and narrative fiction, where time, related to a particular space, is presented as distorted and/or altered.The resulting image does not provide portraits of the individual subjects, but rather contextualises them in their everyday lives as actors on stage.The series speculates on the causality of time while suggesting a reflection on the relationship between the individual and space.As the viewer interacts with the elements of a conventionally supposed reality, the individuals actions in everyday life create bizarre environments where the omitted things leads to speculation about cause and meaning.


这 种从"后现代记忆"发展出来的叙述方式界定于纪实和虚构之间,关系于特定空间的时间被呈现出扭曲和变异。因此画面并未展现出个人主体的形象,而是应该将它 们置于舞台上演员们的日常生活的情境中去分析。这个系列思索了时间的因果关系,同时暗示了个体与空间关系的投影。当观看者与按照惯例的所假定的现实产生互 动,在日常生活中的个人行为就会创造出奇怪的环境,而忽略了一些导致对原因和意图的猜测的事物。


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19 May to 15 June, 2012 - Opening: 19 May, 6pm


"Soltanto Madonne"


Mariano Vargas (Spain)

Solo photography show


mariano vargas

Considered as one of the finest contemporary erotic photographers, Mariano Vargas draws most of his inspiration from the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, Botticelli, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci.
In the series Soltanto Madonne, beauty is trapped in the form of unique women with enigmatic silhouettes.
Mariano Vargas wants to create beauty in the combination of bodies, clothing, theatrical decor, and other sophisticated details. His Madonnas are like "tableaux vivants," models involving their fantasies in a world that links the past, postmodernism and Renaissance. All these beautiful women portrayed are allegorized at the same time with the following themes: religion and the profane, transcendence and pleasure, magic and the quotidian.

Exhibition in collaboration with the spanish gallery




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20 April to 12 May 2012 - Opening: 20 April, 6pm


"Shanghai Slow"


Matthias Hagemann (Germany)

Solo photography show and Pinhole workshop


pantocrator gallery


(*1967, Germany ) currently lives in Shanghai, China.
Graduated in Architecture, he is pinhole photographer since 1996. He displayed his works in numerous individual and collective shows in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, US, China and Australia, is editor of the annual Boxocam Camera Obscura Calendar since 2004. His experimental pinhole cams range from small size Coke Cans, Shoe-box-sized Tins, Fridges and Camerickshaw up to complete rooms. Further he creates fascinating In-Camera-collages with dated basic plastic cameras from the fifties. His work is mainly based on the topics of „slow“ and „time“.

For the actual exhibition, Matthias Hagemann presents „Giants dance“, a series about skyscrapers from Shanghai. Additionally the public is invited to have a first view on the work-in-progress of „Camerickshaw“, a giant tricycle pinhole camera build to make special large size pinholes of Shanghai cityscape.

本次展览,Matthias Hagemann展出的 “巨型跳舞 “,是有关上海摩天大楼的系列作品。另外,公众观看到的一辆三轮针孔摄影机可以用来观看上海都市风光。

For the „World Pinhole Day“ Matthias Hagemann offers a pinhole workshop on Saturday 28 April.

Pinhole Photography workshop

Time Saturday, 28.4.2012 11 am to 4 pm
Teacher Matthias Hagemann (
Participants max 12 person
More info


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31 March to16 April 2012 - Opening: 31 March, 6pm


"You must believe me: Happiness is colourful"


Juan Antonio Baños (Spain)

Resident artist February, March 2012

Solo exhibition, painting

Juan Antonio Baños

JUAN ANTONIO BAÑOS was born in Linares – Spain, in 1980. Currently lives and works between Madrid, Shanghai and London.

JUAN ANTONIO BAÑOS1980年出生于西班牙Linares. 现在马德里和伦敦之间生活和工作。

He is graduated in Fine Arts by Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Granada, in Spain and, at the present time, he combines his artistic activity with the doctorate in painting.





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16 to 30 December 2011 - Opening: 16 December, 6pm


"When Night Falls"


Xuhong Shang (China)

Solo exhibition


Pantocrator gallery


Born in Shanghai, China. He received my M.F.A degree in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1992. For the past twenty years,

He has exhibited my work in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Geneva, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Kumamoto, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai. He has exhibited at such venues as Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta; Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Connecticut; Contemporary Art Museum in Baltimore; Mitchell Museum, Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan; Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art; Kumamoto Fine Arts Museum; Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago; Leda Fletcher Gallery in Geneva; Contrasts Gallery and Stir Gallery in Shanghai. He is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts/Southern Art Federation Regional Visual Arts Fellowship (1995); and Art Matters Fellowship (1993). Articles have been written on his work in Sculpture, Art Papers and Asian Art News magazines as well as in such newspapers as of The Atlanta Constitution, Nashville Scene, etc.

His art work has been included in books and catalogs such as New American Paintings (Vol.16); International Young Art 2000, Sotheby’s; Euro Art 2000, BCN Art Directe's of Barcelona, Spain; and Mapping The Self, Telfair Museum of Art; also a book/catalog titled Representation / Reality, Xuhong Shang published by Plum Blossoms International Ltd., in the spring of 2001. A catalog titled Xuhong Shang/Momentary published by Mitchell Museum at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in May 2007. He maintains studios both in USA and in Shanghai, China.


商徐宏出生于中國上海, 1984 年獲得上海師范大學油畫本科學位. 于1989 年獲美國伊利諾州立大學油畫与素描碩士學位, 并于1992年獲美國費城泰勒美術


從1992至今20年, 作為一個藝術家, 畫家, 裝置藝術家,商徐宏在世界各地努力展

出其作品. 他曾經在美国的紐約城的Robert Pardo畫廊, Z畫廊, 万玉堂畫廊, 芝加哥

的 Richard Gary 畫廊, 蘇富比畫廊, 亞特蘭大的當代藝術中心, Kiang 畫廊,

邁阿密南佛羅里達藝術中心, 費城的S.S. White大厦/瞬间艺术, Temple 畫廊, 479 畫廊,

Tyler 畫廊, 康洲阿屈历曲当代美术馆, 巴尔得磨现代美术馆, 伊利诺州蜜秋尔美术馆, 密西根墨斯克根美术馆, 奥地利維也娜 蘇富比畫廊, 以色列塔拉維夫蘇富比畫廊, 西班牙巴塞羅那 Sala Marques de Comillas of Drassanes城堡, 香港 万玉堂畫廊, 新加坡万玉堂畫廊, 熊本美朮館 及上海对比窗画廓, 东廊, 稿画廊等地展出. 他曾于1995年獲得美國國家藝術基金會及美國南方藝術聯合會的視覺藝術獎金, 及1993年紐約Art Matters藝術獎金. 1993年至1999年曾任教于美國薩凡訥美術學院.

1999 年至2004年任美國堪莎斯州立大學繪畫終身教授及繪畫專業主任. 2004年至今,

任美國南伊利諾大學卡本代爾美術學院繪畫终身教授及研究生导师. 商徐宏多年来


When Night Falls

At nightfall, obscurity can lead to revelation. As dusk descends, objects that appeared so clear and determined in the light of day disintegrate into the folds of a gathering gloom, causing convictions about the nature of reality to waver, perhaps even dissolve along with the contours of a physical world immersed in night. As darkness creeps over forests and meadows, suburbs and skyscrapers, our little Earth merges with the velvety blackness of a vast and mysterious universe, rendering what seemed finite suddenly infinite. As objects yield themselves up to the dark lamp of revelation that is the night, a thousand small epiphanies prompt Socratic wisdom – a knowing that we do not know – and plunge our world of experience into a realm of shadows.

When Night Falls is the latest of Xuhong Shang's exhibitions to conjure the elusiveness of absolutes and the ultimate ambiguity of definitions. Small paintings of the Random series hang haphazardly on two sides of the gallery, like wet, wind-blown leaves adhering momentarily to a garden wall. Their images – black forms against monochrome gradients – defy the mind's grasp, even as they suggest objects that one ought to recognize. Elusive, too, are the cryptic texts scrawled across the irregularly shaped canvases of the Moonbeam series, which suspends suggestions of the night sky tenuously from pushpins.

Night in the guise of a black butterfly, its sheer wings as impalpable as the surrounding air, floats on an unseen current, while a layer of darkness encases the buildings of a silent city, removing them from the compass of the inquisitive eye and mind. On the gallery floor, eight works from the Virtual series, created by squeezing black acrylic paint through the threads of blank canvases, suggest the surface of the earth photographed in black and white from a satellite or an outpost on the moon. Darkness, distance, indistinctness and ambiguity are devices more fundamental than forms in Shang's When Night Falls, and the results are meanings as elusive and infinite as the night itself.

Glen R. Brown, Ph.D. Art Critic, Art Historian (U.S.A)


当 夜幕降临时,模糊不清的黑夜有着意想不到的启示。黃昏之时,所有在白天光天化日之下所呈现的及所界定的如此清晰的一切,将脫变并被聚集在艨胧的黑暗之中。 因此而相信现实的自然己被夜幕所取消,或许尽管现实世界的轮廓还未能在夜色中完全溶解在一起。当夜幕悄悄地盖住了树林,草地,郊外及城市的高楼大厦。 我们微小的大地似乎穿上了一层来自神秘宇宙的巨大黑色, 演示出了从有限越至无限之中。 当事物在夜色之中放弃了原本的状态,那些无数个在夜色中闪动的物体及灵智,那是我们所不能获知的。 但是把我们对世界的体验推向了阴影的王国。

“夜幕降临”是商徐宏最新的实验装置个展,它施展着绝对魔幻般的最终无法明 确的意义及界定。小型的“无由”系列绘画作品在展厅中无秩序地挂在墙上, 就象是那些潮湿的被风吹动的树叶瞬息粘符于花园的墙上,它们黑色的图像呈现在简单的色调之上,违背于思维的正常捕捉,尽管似乎在建议图像应被确认。同样难 以确认的是那用晦涩的英文字潦草地划在不规则形状并被剪破的黑色画布之上的

“月光” 系列作品,它们被悬而未决地用几个小图钉悬挂在墙上,以此暗示着夜晚的天空如此的薄弱及不确定性。



系列绘画作品被并列成一张大型作品,作品运用了颜料挤压与画布的纹理产生的 抽象视觉效应。似乎在提醒近似卫星或遥远的月球上所拍摄的地球表面黑白图像。比较商徐宏的“夜幕降临”的形式,其中的夜色,距离,非距离感,模棱两可及意 义的不明确性是一种更为重要的策略及手段。其结果产生的意义是难以被确认的及无限的。就象是晚上的夜色。

格伦. 勃郎博士,艺术评论家,美国堪莎斯州立大学艺术史终身教授








19 November to 20 December 2011 - Opening: 19 November , 6pm


"Presence -Absence"

New visions of the Self in contemporary art

Collective exhibition / Painting, drawings and installation


Piacha (China)

Berto Martínez (Spain)

Makode Linde (Sweden)

Conrad Roset (Spain)

Jonatan Moreno (Spain)

Keflione (France)

Nick Gentry (UK)

Jochem Rotteveel

Contemplating Art is like looking out of the window. That way we see the world, we encounter something that is beyond our space and brings us to a different location.
But it is also a mirror that allows us to see ourselves and, at best, further understand our human condition.
PRESENCE-ABSENCE invites us to rethink the trace of humanity in contemporary art, from the perspective of several artists who, from a fresh eye and without prejudice, attack head-on the notion of identity.
In this case, the trace of humanity is not only limited to the portrait, as a track of a presence suspended in time. Nor is it an inquiry into its psychological root, which struggles to find an identity from an existential perspective. Now, the rules of the game have changed and what it is suggested here is a distant view of the human spectrum covering both surface symbols with which we build our identity and the traces that human presence has left in the past.
Do we really see what they are when we look at the others? When we look in the mirror, do we really see us the way we are? When we contemplate a work of art, do we see the trail of the human being? Do we really question behind the façade of appearances?
Behind every absence there is a presence.

出席-缺席 邀请我们重新思考当代艺术中人类的踪迹,从几位艺术家的不带偏见的清新的视角,正面抨击身份的概念。




Matias Krahn.
Painter and Doctor of Fine Arts


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1 to 6 November 2011


"River Calligraphy"


Tina Zimmerman (Germany)

Solo exhibition, video instalation


Jochem Rotteveel


Water in all its endless variety of structure, texture and dynamic is Tina Zimmermann's most coherent reaccuring creative theme over the last ten years.
She films the waters of the seas, the rivers, and lakes, of puddles and waterfalls, tiny drops and majestic ocean waves, fascinated by the everchanging formal manifestation of the liquid element, that make up 80 percent of our body and the planet.
By seperating the recorded footage from its natural surrounding, by changing its perspective and adding effects with digital video tools, she transforms the natural and common phenomenon of water in motion into an abstract and purely aethetic experience.
In her newest work she treats water in a very minimalistic way- inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy she transforms the water motions recorded at a mountain creek in Fujian province into a transient flowing progression of black and white abstract shapes – reflecting closely on the ancient yogi saying: "the contemplation of water is the oldest from of mediation"
Tina Zimmermann is a media artist from Berlin, Germany. She is currenty in China teaching "Public Art“ at Jimei University in Xiamen.


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8 to 31 October 2011 - Opening: 8 October, 6pm


"Into the unknown"


Jochem Rotteveel (Holland)

Resident artist September and October 2011

Solo exhibition, mix media

Jochem Rotteveel

For eight weeks ( September and October ), a part of the gallery will be transformed into studio space for the artists Jochem Rotteveel. The Dutch artist investigates the picturesque qualities of tape and is happy to give additional information on his artistic research.
Pantocrator Gallery invites the public to interact with the artist, experience the work in progress and watch the dynamic of the gallery space as it changes during his residency program.

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20 September to 20 October 2011


Patsy McArthur (Scotland)



pantocrator gallery shanghai




1 to 7 October 2011 - Opening: 1 October, 6pm


Jonathan Mármol Moreno (Spain)

Solo Exhibition, Specific site installation




Through his sculpture and installation work presents turbulent situations, that act as a build of unrealities.





2 to 30 September 2011 - Opening: 2 September, 6pm


"Women's lines"

Collective exhibition / Painting and drawings


Lore Vanelslande (Belgium - China)

Marta Blasco (Spain)

Alejandra Alarcón (Bolivia)

Ji Hong-Yan (China)

Sonia Carballo "Socatoba" (Spain)

Carmen Garcia Huerta (Spain)

Stephanie Costello (New York)

Patsy McArthur (Scotland)

Freya Douglas-Morris (UK)


Lore Vanelslande

Pristine, delicate and silky soft, are the fingers of the women hands when caresses the skin of paper, ready to be drawn.

Hands that draws their beautiful expressions, from their pens and pencils lines, to fallow their paths of senses to let be manifested on the texture of feelings, moments, dimensions, spaces, or just characters, hidden to be shown, called to give, created to live, now breathing in this special draws exhibitions.

This is "Women's Lines" the given name of the first Pantocrator's Gallery show in Shanghai, presenting eight women from different hemispheres of the world in a conjunction of talents, spread it on a cosmos of draws that let us feel the unpredictable but very unique sensations inside this eight women's hearts and lives from China, Bolivia, Belgium, Scotland, Spain, USA and UK.

The recognition of this eight very talented emerging artists, that Pantocrator Gallery just bring to Shanghai, give us an interesting variety of drawing techniques form the very tenderness and also the deep strength of this women.

From the serious study of the geometry to the secrets of the creation given from the pregnancy, the artists invites us to discover them, in a universe of lines, dots, ink spots, scratches and smudges in this sensational "Women's Lines" show.


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25 to 31 August 2011 - Opening: 25 August, 6pm


Landa Ruen (USA)

Resident artist July and August 2011

Solo exhibition, painting

Jochem Rotteveel

A collection of oil paintings inspired by the relationship of cities, societal evolution, and nature; specifically the duality of nature and the city.

In our ever-changing world, cities are more than just a place to live; rather, they are complex villages sowing needs, wants, desires, dreams and nightmares.

Paintings rage from non-objective fields of color to surreal scenes, like a blind, mechanical zebra gallantly running from a muddy-blue city towards a new place; three lone trees.

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1 to 30 May 2011 - Opening: 1 May, 6pm


"Shanghai Inspiration Mission!"


Elmur (Spain-Germany)


Imagination is the beginning of creation, we imagine what we desire and pursue our desires till they become reality

(G. Bernard Shaw). was created by the Fundacion Ferrereuela Sanfeliu and zzz on 2007 in Lleida (Spain) as an on street video installation where zzz, a young creative collective, screened images to inspire citizens with positive imagination and ideas.

From April 2009 elmur has become a network: where citizens from around the world contribute to build up an infinite container of positive imagination proposals.

Pantocrator Gallery & have proposed creative citizens of the world to inspire Shangai's citizens in order to re-inspire all us again. In Shanghai, the worldwide reference megalopolis of future, engine of change and progress, Pantocrator Gallery & have screened during Mai 2011 a selection of thoughts, dreams, hopes and ideas which invite us to see our everyday life from creative points of views.

A collective movie, a visual dialogue built upon the recieved proposals from worldwide creatives, which speaks about existence, mass media, politics, art, reality, dreams and fiction, life and death, hope and the power of creativity and artistic creation as engines of change and transformation which help us to build, inspire and dialogue about a future full of magic and common illusions.

See the pictures of the exhibition, list of participant videos & artists.