Maria Soromenho

Residence artist from 1st May to 30th June 2015.



All her work, scarves and womenswear, is extremely inspired by art and music and all her models are in bands. Her background in scenography, jewellery and knitwear can be seen in her intricate, slowly hand-crafted work that aims to experiment and discover new techniques in textile modification and the use of unexpected materials.

A clothing brand that is music / art conscious. Has the aim to collaborate with artists specially musicians. Each piece is different and unique. An experiment of materials and different textures. Experimental yet wearable. Each piece has a story, a song and a name. Fashion to communicate, give identity and to turn a lifestyle into a look that can be translated in clothes. An aim to shape a generation and dress the agitators. Not just about the clothes alone but how people dress them.


Tobias Zehntner

Residence artist from 1st June to 31st August 2015.



Tobias Zehntner practice is inspired by visual observations of the everyday, often reflecting his interest in the sublime aspects of science. Pairing this with his romantic and somewhat naive view of the world, He respond to the beautiful and poetic in these manifestations. Reoccurring themes are light, movement, space and time. His recent work focuses on kinetic sculptures and room installations that are spatial and immersive. Their nature requires time from the viewer, and suggests new ways of seeing in return.