"PanStage" 2019/2020

Suzhou, China

Resident Artist Program



After a long journey based in Shanghai, the chinese financial capital, we moved our headquarters and our experience,

to Suzhou, placing us in a city with a interesting culture and a very ancient tradition.



Where is located?

Suzhou Industrial Park Square Culture & Art Co.,Ltd.

Add: 301,C-3 Nº80 Tong Yuan Road. Suzhou. China.



City with a population of 10.58 million, considered as "the garden of Shanghai" by the amount of green areas as well as the network of waterways that make it one of the most beautiful in China.

"In heaven there is paradise, on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou"
 old chinese proverb.


Suzhou: privileged enclave to find tranquility in gardens, temples and hidden spots that take us back to other times and inspiration of ancestral Chinese culture.

As an example, "the Silk Museum Suzhou" which has a history of over 4000 years of silk industry, or the "Garden of the Master of the Nets" by putting a sample.

In addition to his great historical tradition, Suzhou currently aims to be a new international center for Arts, which main point is to achieve the harmonical cohabitation of national and international artists. In order to be Suzhou a new Focus of artistic production.


Pantocrator Gallery moves to Suzhou City “Industrial Park Square & Art Co.,Ltd” in collaboration with “Square Art’s” Residence Program, where from now on we will have better infraestrutures, offering our resident artists a modern and directly linked enviroment to the cultural panorama of the metropolitan Suzhou City.

Pantocrator Gallery is working  in colaboration with  “Square Art’s” Residence Program, new complex in a very new area with all the infraestructures  where are working  an important chinese artists comunity.

Our resident artists will be in contact with the local artists living and working there.




How the residence work:

During all the year, 2 selected artists residents, working in the area of “Square Art’s” Residence Program, for a period of 1 or 2 months for each artist.

Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area.

The space can be open to the public by the residence artists, allowing the dialogue between artist and visitors in order to deepen in the understanding of the work.

The residency program included:

-Accommodation (Room with air conditioner and toilet with shower in the  attic of the building.

-Area for work and exhibit the work in progress. 

-Final exhibition in “Sqaure Art’s” resientce Program. 

-Online exhibition in our website.

-Occasional Assistants.

-Invitation letter for make visa. 


Is not included:

Flights, Visa, Maintenance, Shipping Cost, Materials, Local transport.

*The residence artist have to send us the images of the work in progress and works and for upload it at our web site.



Total price for one month in the “PanStage” in “Square Art’s” Suzhou:  1200€ (1450$ - 9550RMB) per artist/month.

Following admission, the artist must make an initial payment of 400€ to ensure his place.

First Payment of 400€ will be transfer in the account provided by Pantocrator Gallery in  and must be paid no later than three months before the date given for star the residence.

The second payment of 6365 RMB will be made upon arrival at the gallery. (Approximate value, according to currency fluctuation.)

Once executed the second payment and signed the contract that specifies the conditions of space use, will be given the key door space and the internet code for the artist makes use of the space.

(Please to convert currencies and view the exact price just type in google bar the amount + RMB = € or symbol or initials of the currency in which you are interested to know the value of change.)


Artists can manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Pantocrator Gallery will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires. 




Submission Residence Program, PanStage Suzhuo, China



Plesse send a mail with all required information and images to: pantocratorgallery@gmail.com