La Pan Stage Suzhou

Open Call for Suzhou Stage, Artist Residence Program


(apply for 2016)



Sara Zielinski

Residence artist from 15nd January to 15th February 2016. 2016年1月15日至2月15日期间进驻的艺术家


Sara Zielinski work is about human relationships and the things we say and don’t say. Using a variety of media, she prod the motives and feelings that are often left unsaid but can weigh heavily on friendships, romantic relationships, and encounters with strangers. The works, intentionally open for speculation, have a suggestive quality, hinting at the situations from which they arise and calling on the viewer to engage with the subjects. With each newnviewer, a new relationship is realized, the one between the viewer and the subjects. She explores domesticity and familial relationships, fondly, critically, with humor.

In a world that depends increasingly on the technological, the digital, and the virtual, she is confounded by the social repercussions of these media and am committed to rebelling against that by embracing her reality as human, imperfect. Her work is conceptual and handmade; it is about communicating ideas while never letting viewers forget the hand behind the mind.



































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