From 21st to 25 February 2018

Art Madrid 2018

Pantocrátor gallery is pleased to participate in Art Madrid showing a selection works from artist Jugo Kurihara.

Visit us at Booth C3.


Jugo Kurihara, Untitled 1




Hidemi Shimura "Parallel World"

Residence artist from 1st March to 31th March 2018. 2018年03月1日至03月31日期间进驻的艺术家

Hidemi Shimura, Morning Dawn 1

Hidemi Shimura was born in Shizuoka, Japan.

We generate our own environment. We get exactly what we deserve.
–from “ONE” by Richard Bach

Is this a world we really desire? Is there any ideal world somewhere else? What do we do there? What
kind of scenery can we see there?

With "Parallel World" the artist will create an installation consists of many mobiles in movement using diferent materials, as colorful embroidery threads, to transport visitors in the reflection of a parallel world.

"Sometimes people think and talk about ‘What is Art?’, and try to find the answer though they never can’t get the right answer.Art is often thought as difficult and high-toned thing, but most of the Art come from the people’s ordinary life. Artist is just one of the ordinary people, Artist is just cutting off the part of these ordinary life, and shape it into their artworks. Artist can’t exist at the place without peaceful life. Real art may exist in the battlefield, but Artist can’t live in battlefield. ‘Existance of Artist’ could be proof of Peaceful, and Artist should be aware of that fact. Practically, Artworks are useless and nothing for use. But they sometimes give us little happiness, sometimes become the source of great power, I’ll try to bring out these kind of feelings or power to the people’s life. That’s my job as an Artist."

Hidemi Shimura







La Pan Stage Suzhou

Open Call for Suzhou Stage, Artist Residence Program



During all the year, from 1 to 3 selected artists residents, working in the area of the gallery, for a period of 1-2 months for each artist. Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area.  After the residende there is an exhibition with the artwork produced during the residence. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 

(apply for 2016)








































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