La Pan Stage Suzhou

Open Call for Suzhou Stage, Artist Residence Program



During all the year, from 1 to 3 selected artists residents, working in the area of the gallery, for a period of 1-2 months for each artist. Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area.  After the residende there is an exhibition with the artwork produced during the residence. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 

(apply for 2016)




Luis Elvira-Sierra




As a migrant artist space is often a problem and in addition a subject of reflection. People move constantly leaving behind their trace but also their belongings...and their doors.

Doors are not only a blank canvas, they have their memory. They have been opened and closed softly, angrily, sleepy, sadly, happily...thousands of times and suddenly when they were not longer needed they had been left behind not to be opened or close again.

In those doors Luis Elvira-Sierra saw the solution. He re-use them as a canvas to tell the story of those which opened and closed them once. The reality hidden behind the open space of a door that is not longer needed.




































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